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iThenticate at MBZUAI: Raise a request

iThenticate is a text similarity matching tool that is used by major scholarly publishers and research institutions to screen manuscript submissions and verify originality and the appropriate use and citation of third-party work. iThenticate has been developed specifically for academics and researchers and compares a submitted piece of work against databases of scholarly work and theses and dissertations. 

iThenticate does not capture unpublished work and will not add your work to any database.

MBZUAI iThenticate service is available for use by faculty, researchers, and students who would like to review their MBZUAI-affiliated work before submission to a publisher.  MBZUAI students will be required to screen their graduate research manuscripts using iThenticate before submitting their work for the final assessment.


Our current subscription allows for a specific number of reviews and MBZUAI Library will try to distribute the resource as fairly as possible. 

If you would like to have a publication screened before submitting to a publisher, please follow the steps below:


Please consider the following before raising a request

  • This is intended as a self-check of your own work
  • This should be the final version of the work (an additional check of the work would require a new submission request)
  • Verify that MBZUAI coauthors have not raised a request for the same work
  • Share the report with coauthors (download a .pdf report)


Submit a request for each submission

1 submission per person/paper per month.

  • Complete a request form for each submission
  • Please wait for an email from before proceeding with a submission. We will try to respond within three working days and secure the necessary endorsement.
  • If this is the first request raised for this service you will receive an email invitation to set up an iThenticate account.

Complete the request form here 



MBZUAI students will be required to submit their manuscripts for screening before their final assessments. The Graduate Thesis Guide will be updated to describe the necessary process. 


The following document types are supported:
Word, Text, PostScript, PDF, HTML, Excel, PowerPoint, Word Perfect WPD, OpenOffice ODT, RTF, Hangul HWP

  • The maximum document length is 800 pages.
  • Files must not exceed 2MB of raw text.