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Overleaf for LaTeX Theses & Dissertations: Home

Tips and tools for writing your LaTeX thesis or dissertation in Overleaf
Tips and tools for writing your LaTeX thesis or dissertation in Overleaf, including templates, managing references, adding tables, images, and graphs, and other getting-started guides.

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Getting started with your thesis or dissertation

How to get started writing your thesis in LaTeX

 Review this video from Overleaf to help you get started writing your thesis in LaTeX.

This video assumes you've used LaTeX before and are familiar with the standard commands (see our other tutorial videos if not), and focuses on how to work with a large project split over multiple files.

Write your thesis using the official MBZUAI thesis template


5-part Guide on How to Write a Thesis in LaTeX

Collaborate with Overleaf

Collaboration tools

  • One version of your project accessible to collaborators via a shared link or email invitation
  • Easily select the level of access for collaborators (view, edit, or owner access)
  • Real-time commenting speeds up the review process
  • Tracked changes and full history view help to see contributions from collaborators
  • Labels help to organize and compare different versions
  • Chat in real time with collaborators right within the project


Adapted from Overleaf for LaTeX Theses & Dissertations guide, by Overleaf, May 2021, find original guide here