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MBZUAI Graduate Thesis Guide: Deposit your Work

A rubric


Arrangement of sections in thesis
Review third-party content
Choose an approved template
Deposit graduate thesis

Students are required to submit an electronic copy (PDF format) of their final and approved thesis for deposit in the MBZUAI Electronic Thesis and Dissertation collection, with the approval of their supervisors and the Associate Provost, and to fulfill their graduation responsibilities.

A thesis deposit agreement is required to support the deposit of a thesis in the MBZUAI Library. The agreement determines the conditions of  public access and may allow MBZUAI Library to make the contents of the work discoverable on the institutional repository, MBZUAI eCommons.

Required embargo periods are covered by the thesis agreement and should be approved by the Associate Provost.


Congratulations! Your thesis has been accepted and all other degree requirements have been met.


One final step is required...deposit the final and approved version of your thesis on the the university's institutional repository


MBZUAI eCommons is the university's institutional repository and accepts for deposit open access scholarship and graduate work of the MBZUAI community, created and published during the period of affiliation with the university.


Copyright of your thesis remains yours but as a student of MBZUAI you have granted MBZUAI Library non-exclusive rights to make the content of your thesis discoverable through the university's institutional repository.

Should you have transferred some of your rights through an alternative agreement with a publisher, or plan to, you may request an embargo period to withhold the contents of your thesis from the public for a defined period of time.

How to deposit your thesis


Before proceeding with the final submission - Submit your final thesis for similarity check to iThenticate service. Refer iThenticate guide for more instructions, also, you can raise a request form here for iThenticate service.

  • Email your plagiarism report of the thesis to your supervisor for evaluation.
  • Email to if you are having problems attaching with deposit form (e.g., the file is too large, more than 20 MB).

Ready to deposit?


Complete a thesis deposit form in consultation with your graduate advisor


The Thesis Depoist Form should be initiated upon completion of your final defense and made available through your student portal E-ServiceThe Spring 2023 submission deadline is 06 Dec 2023 at 1600 hrs.

  • Indicate whether your thesis is available to be shared immediately with the public or whether a period of embargo is required.

  • Provide proof of permissions for the inclusion of third-party content in your thesis and if applicable.

  • Confirm that your submission is the final and approved version of your graduate thesis, or the approved redacted version.

  • Sign the form and ensure it includes the signatures of your Graduate Advisor and the Associate Provost for Academic and Student Affairs.

  • The deposit will be considered to be "complete" subsequent to the academic administrator's approvals received by the library.