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MBZUAI eCommons: MBZUAI eCommons

MBZUAI Institutional Repository



MBZUAI eCommons is part of the bepress Digital Commons Network which collates scholarly articles from universities and colleges worldwide. Curated and posted by university libraries and deposited by an institution's community, the Network includes peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, dissertations, working papers, conference proceedings, and other original scholarly work of an institution's authors and their coauthors and collaborators.

The MBZUAI community is encouraged to submit research, discover content by a department's output, or by affiliated authors and coauthors, limit a  search to MBZUAI repositories, or search content on different Digital Commons repositories.

The purpose of the institutional repository remains to curate and preserve an institution's research output and make it available free of charge to a broader community, however if an open access version is not currently available, a link to a published version of the document is provided.

Deposit of Scholarly Works

MBZUAI library will accept contributions from MBZUAI scholars for the deposit of scholarly works in the university's institutional repository

  • The repository accepts a range of digital materials and examples of content may include: journal articles, working papers, conference papers, and course-related output of scholarly interest.
  • MBZUAI authors should deposit articles for which they are the sole rights holders, or for which they have obtained permission from all co-authors/publishers to submit.
  • Authors remain responsible for the status of the materials deposited.
  • If required to assign all or a part of their copyright to the publisher, MBZUAI authors are encouraged to request an addendum to allow for self-archiving. The SPARC Author Addendum to Publication Agreement is recommended to manage this accommodation.
  • MBZUAI Digital Library is established as a permanent repository, however, and as required, material may be withdrawn on request.

For more information please see Submission Guidelines and information on Open Access & Copyright, available on this guide.                                                   

Deposit of Electronic Theses & Dissertations

MBZUAI Digital Library will curate and showcase the academic output of its students

  • Students are required to submit an electronic copy of their final and approved thesis for deposit in the MBZUAI eCommons collection with the approval of the Thesis Committee, and to fulfill their graduation requirements.
  • Students will be required to complete deposit documentation indicating the conditions for public access and allowing MBZUAI Library to curate their work in the Digital Library.

For more information please see Submission Guidelines available on this guide and the Graduate Thesis Guide

Deposit of MBZUAI Digital Materials (Institutional Memory)

MBZUAI Digital Library will curate and host for public access, publications that document significant activities and events in the development of MBZUAI, and that provide a permanent history of the university.

The selection and submission of materials for community and public access is the responsibility of each administrative and academic department, and items may include:

  • University publications (catalogs, handbooks, brochures, commencement programs, etc.);
  • Student publications (newspapers, yearbooks, handbooks, etc.);
  • Departmental publications (newsletters, programs of special events, etc.);
  • Alumni publications (newsletters, etc.).
  • Institutional items in the MBZUAI Digital Library are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved.